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Batman Begins Sequel Gets a Name?
Posted Jul 10th 2006 7:08AM by Mark Beall
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This is probably nothing to get concerned about -- but it is certainly interesting. And it might turn out to be something, so we're going to pass it along to you. It's been known since opening day for Batman Begins that a sequel was on the way. Christopher Nolan certainly won the hearts of audiences and studio executives alike, and all parties involved were pleased to hear another flick was coming. However, Nolan had another project to get together first, and in the meantime we've been left with naught but speculation about what has heretofore been called "untitled Batman Begins sequel project." We know the principle players are returning; director Nolan and actors Christian Bale and Michael Caine along with a few others. We know the Joker will appear as a villain, and we know Harvey Dent will have something to do with the story. That's about the extent of it.

A recent comment casually dropped by popular actor Michael Caine (Alfred the butler) has led to a row of internet speculation about a possible title for the new film. To me, it seems like nothing particular to get your feathers up about, but here's the comment: "Christopher Nolan who directed Batman is doing a smaller film called The Prestige about magicians and it's very interesting. And we're going to make The Joker next year." The speculation, of course, is that Caine name-dropped a title, and the new film may be called simply The Joker. I imagine it is far more likely this is nothing more than a working title used between people directly involved in the sequel, but who knows. Stay tuned to Cinematical for further news on the sequel as it draws ever closer ...