Bloodhounds of Broadway Review



Glittering 1920s decor surrounds a host of famous faces in Bloodhounds of Broadway, an adaptation of four stories by Jazz Age scribe Damon Runyon (whose stories were also the basis for Guys and Dolls). A loser (Randy Quaid) sells his body to science just when his luck turns; a wounded gangster (Rutger Hauer) takes a cab all over town trying to find someone to take him in; the death of a parrot turns a schmuck (Ethan Phillips) into a tough guy; and a pair of bloodhounds track a gambler (Matt Dillon) all over town because of the sausages in his pocket. The swank look of Bloodhounds of Broadway has more depth than its characters; the dialogue has all the jargon of Runyon but none of the rhythm. Madonna and Jennifer Grey play lovelorn flappers, Julie Hagerty is a bird-brained socialite, and Steve Buscemi and author William S. Burroughs make cameo appearances.


Bloodhounds of Broadway was an incredible movie! Both Tony Azito and Matt Dillon were amazing! Maybe that’s what makes the movie so good. The great cast includes Tony Azito, Matt Dillon, Richard Edson, Jennifer Grey, Julie Hagerty. The movie moves on like a dream and end leaving you wanting for more.


–Bret Fetzer