"Changing Fortunes"




Rutger Hauer is changing direction somewhat, usually cast as a psychotic madman he's decided to move behind the camera and direct a film about a World War II unsung hero called Changing Fortunes

The story is from the Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon:

The film is a biopic on the life of the Dutch banker Wally van Hall, who was responsible for saving the lives of 80,000 families during World War II.
"Basically he was responsible for the biggest bank fraud in European history, which involved $600 million, only to save as many lives as possible," Hauer said. "My film will mainly be an 'unsung hero' story about a person who wants to improve the world around him. Everyone should hear about the story of this man."

It hints at a Schindlers List type tale, but from word of the book it promises much more. It's always interesting to see what an actor makes of the directing profession once he's spent so much time in front of the camera, I always think that if they've been wise, open and very attentive then they'll capture a great amount of what the skills are...with Hauer it will be particularly interesting for there won't be a psychotic madman in sight...well, apart from the instigator of the war itself.