Gary Busey




Gary played the part of Doctor Hawkins in the film 'Surviving the Game'





William Gary Busey  is an American film actor.

Gary began his show-business career as a drummer in The Rubber Band.  He also starred in a local television comedy show called Mazeppa in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Gary is often cast as a rebel.  Many consider his most noteworthy role to be his portrayal of Buddy Holly in The Buddy Holly Story, for which he received an Oscar nomination.  Among other roles, he also starred in the film adaptation of Stephen King's Cycle of the Werewolf, Silver Bullet, and starred opposite Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon.

Gary attended Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas, where he became interested in acting.  Gary began his career in television guest roles.  For example, he was the last person killed on the last episode of Bonanza.

On December 4th, 1988, Gary was severely injured in a motorcycle accident in which he was not wearing a helmet.  His skull was fractured and doctors feared he had suffered permanent brain damage.  Gary made a remarkable recovery, however, and encouraged all cyclists to wear helmets.   Gary had been a heavy drug user, and in 1995 almost died from a cocaine overdose.  Only prompt medical attention saved his life; he narrowly escaped going to jail.  Gary claimed that he suffered a terrifying near death experience in which he saw hell and the devil.  He was so affected that he announced he had become a born-again Christian.  He joined a group called Promise Keepers and preached against drug abuse.

In 1990, Gary co-starred next to Danny Glover in Predator 2.

In 1994, Gary played the part of Doctor Hawkins in the film 'Surviving the Game', with Rutger Hauer.

In the summer of 2003, Gary starred in the 13-episode reality show I'm with Busey on Comedy Central.

Often, people confuse Gary with Nick Nolte, much the same way they confuse Bill Paxton with Bill Pullman.

Gary is now also known to younger people for his cameo appearance on The Simpsons.  Appearing in a police information video, Gary (as himself) explains restraining orders to the viewer, peppering his lecture with bouts of loud laughter at hilariously inappropriate moments.  He even mocks himself, claiming that the reason he knows so much about restraining orders is because he has been the subject of twelve of them, his crime apparently "being too real."

He is the father of actor Jake Busey.

Gary appeared on a recent (19th July,2005) episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno promoting his fitness show (as the second guest), and amused the audience and primary guest U.S. Senator John McCain with an extended philosophical explanation of his oxymoronic phrase: "hidden reality revealed."

He is also famous for his "Buseyisms." For example, the word "sober" becomes "Son Of a Bitch Everything's Real," while "doubt" becomes "Debating On Understanding Bewildering Thoughts." "Romance" becomes "Relying On Magnificent And Necessary Compatible Energy."

Gary is currently on the VH1 show Celebrity Fit Club 2.