Joan has been in a number of films with Rutger Hauer - 'Precious Find' 'Wedlock' & 'Salute of the Jugger'


Date of birth 26th April 1961

Place of Birth Shanghai, China

Birth name Chong Chen

Height 5' 4" (1.63 m)


Joan was born in 1961 in the old film capital of China, Shanghai, to two doctors. As a child, Joan lived through the horrors of the Cultural Revolution in a very personal way. When she was seven, the Red Guard sent her mother to live in the countryside and her father was sent to Tibet for "re-education". She was left to care for her brother.  At the age of fourteen she was chosen to act in a government propaganda film and then joined an acting school.

Joan went to the US, to attend college in 1981, first at the State University of New York at New Paltz, later at California State University at Northridge.

Joan is very well know for her part in the series Twin Peaks, as the mill owner Josie Packard.