John Clover played the part of 'Lionel Luther' in the Series Smallville


Date of birth 7 August 1944

Salisbury, Maryland, USA


John worked off Broadway for ten years before Jane Fonda's notorious slap in Julia caused audiences to sit up and take notice of this talented newcomer.   He then moved to Los Angeles where he got the role of Victor DiMato in the television movie Early Frost, playing a brave AIDS patient.   His performance earned him his first Emmy nomination.

Johns career was now progressing well thanks to parts in Miami Vice, Murder, She Wrote, and Frasier.  His roles as 'villians' was also taking an upward move with films such as Gremlins 2: The New Batch and Robocop.

In 1998, John played the biggest 'villian' of them all. he played the Devel in the 1998 series Brimstone.