John Hurt played the part of 'Lawrence Fassett' in the film the Osterman Weekend


Date of birth 22 January 1940

Born: 22 January 1940

Place of Birth Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England, UK


John remembers his early life with sadness, his Father was a clergyman, which meant that his family was always moving from parish to parish, he lived until the age of 12 in the North of England.  He was a lonely boy because his parents would not let him play with the other village boys.

Although there was a small cinema opposite the vicarage where he lived he was not allowed to attend, in fact he was eight years old before he saw his first film.

He hated school which was run by clergymen the only subject he did like though was drama.  At 17, he moved on to a local art school, two years later, he won a scholarship to study at St Martin's in London.  John wanted to act, but his parents thought it too insecure a career and forced him to take an ATD (art teacher's diploma).

John's success is partly down to his extraordinarily rich voice, he has done a lot of narrating over the years.