Ken Hutchison played the part of 'Marquet' in the film Ladyhawke


Birth Place Scotland


Ken was born in Scotland.  His handsome looks got him roles in TV in the UK, he had a look about him also that led him to play dark, villainous roles.

He was cast by Sam Peckinpah as one of the sinister villagers of Straw Dogs (1971), raping Susan George and participating in the film's closing violent siege. Peckinpah took to the actor, and the pair indulged in their love of drinking throughout the shoot, often to the frustration of those around them.

In 1978 the BBC cast him as Heathcliff in a serialisation of Wuthering Heights.

Ken has a great ability with accents, and his timing is also great but it is his ability to convey menace to his parts that has helped him in his career.  Unfortunately he does not get the recognition he deserves.