Morgan Freeman plays the part of Lucius Foxin the film Batman Begins


Born: 1 June 1937

Place of Birth: Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Awards: Won 1 Oscar and 1 Golden Globe

Height: 6' 2"


Morgan was born in 1937 during the time of the Wall Street crash, followed by the Second World War.  When Morgan was very young, like so many other workers in the South, his mum and dad migrated to Chicago, seeking work in the factories. Morgan went to live with his grandparents in Charleston, Mississippi, where his earliest memories were formed and where he still owns a home.  Morgan loved going to the movies, but was unable to do so very often as money was very scarce.

Morgan moved to Los Angeles, in the late 50's.  He got a job as a transcript clerk at LA's City College. The pay was terrible, but the acting, dancing and singing classes were free.  This led him on to acting and he then moved to New York.  He had to wait until the 70's before any sign of fame came to him.

In 1989, Morgan received a second Oscar nomination as the patient and dignified chauffeur assisting moody pensioner Jessica Tandy in the delightful Driving Miss Daisy.

Morgan has gone from strength to strength receiving a fourth Oscar nomination, and he finally impressed the Academy's judges enough to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his stunning performance.