Omar Sharif





Omar played the part of Emir Magrouf Zair, in the film 'Desert Law'




Born, Michel Shahoub in Alexandria,Omar, was educated at Victoria College in Cairo, Egypt.  His first important acting part, was the lead role in the motion picture Sina Fil Wadi (The Blazing Sun, 1954), which featured Egypt's leading film star, Faten Hamama.  Omar's profile in Arabic cinema increased when he and Faten Hamama were later married.  He performed in several other Middle-Eastern films in the 1950s, including Goha (1958), before British director David Lean cast him as a handsome and noble sheik in Lawrence of Arabia.  The international success of this role led to parts for Omar as characters from a variety of other nationalities.  This egyptian motion-picture actor, who is best known for his charismatic performance in the British epic film Lawrence of Arabia (1962).

Omar achieved more acclaim when he played a Russian physician in the title role of Doctor Zhivago (1965), also directed by Lean.  Omar's many other film performances include roles as a shady gambler in Funny Girl (1968) and as a pool hustler in The Baltimore Bullet (1980).  Omar is also noted as an accomplished bridge player.  Omar Sharif has recently starred in the movies Cyber Meltdown (2004), and Return of the Thief of Baghdad (2003).  Omar Sharif has also featured in many movies such as Hidalgo (2004), Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran (2003), and Parole Officer, The (2001). Some of Omar Sharif's early movie break throughs were in Siraa Fil-Wadi (1953) playing the role of Ahmed, Shaytan al-Sahra (1954), Ayyamine el helwa (1955), and Châtelaine du Liban, La (1956) as Mokrir.

Omar Sharif has recently starred in the television shows Mythes urbains, Les (2003) playing the role of The Taxi Driver, and Shaka Zulu: The Citadel (2001). Omar Sharif has also featured in many television shows such as Mayrig (1993), Memories of Midnight (1991), and Principe del deserto, Il (1989). Some of Omar Sharif's early television show break throughs were in Île mystérieuse, L' (1973) playing the role of Le capitaine Nemo, Far Pavilions, The (1984) as Koda Dad, Peter the Great (1986) as Prince Feodor Romodanovsky.

In 1989, Omar played the part of Emir Magrouf Zair, in the film 'Desert Law', with Rutger Hauer.