Paul Verhoeven has directed Rutger Hauer in a number of memorable films


Date of birth 18th July 1938

Place of Birth Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands


Paul was born just before the Second World War, and his earliest memories are of Nazi and Allied planes falling from the sky into nearby fields.  He used to let his curiosity, lead him to see the dead pilots.

Paul graduated from the University of Leiden with a degree in math and physics.  He began making films while in the Royal Netherlands Navy.

 In 1969 he directed the popular Dutch TV series "Floris", about a medieval knight. This featured actor Rutger Hauer who has appeared in many of Verhoeven's later films.  It was his second film Turkish Delight, again with Rutger Hauer, which really started his career.  This was closely followed by Soldier of Orange, Katie Tepple, and Spetters.  

Paul then went to the US and Made Flesh and Blood, followed by RoboCop which was a great success.

Paul has been accused of sometimes portraying excessive violence in his films, but has replied that it is only true to life.

Paul Verhoeven's work has often caused controversy, but it does not bother him whatsoever.