Stephen King the writer of Salem's Lot


Date of birth 21st September 1947

Place of Birth Portland, Maine, USA

Birth name Stephen Edwin King

Nicknames The King & The King of horror

Height 6' 4" (1.93 m)


Stephen was born at the at the Maine General Hospital in Portland, Maine.   The Kings were the typical family until one night when Donald King said he was stepping out for cigarettes and was never heard from again.

Stephen began his writing career in 1959.  Along with his brother David, they started their newspaper, which they named "Dave's Rag".   Stephen attended Lisbon High School, in Lisbon, Maine in 1962.  Stephen graduated from high school and took a scholarship to attend the University of Maine in 1966.  In June 1970, King graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Science degree in English and a certificate to teach high school.

Stephen has had numerous short stories and novels published and movies created from his work. Stephen King is called the "Master of Horror". His books have been translated into 33 different languages, published in over 35 different countries. There are over 300 million copies of his novels in publication. He continues to live in Bangor, Maine with his wife where he writes out of his home.

In 1974, Stephen wrote the Book The Shining - which was later made into a film staring Jack Nickolson.

In June 1999, Stephen King was severely injured in an accident that left him in critical condition with injuries to his lung, broken ribs, a broken leg and a severely fractured hip. After three weeks of operations, he was released from the Central Maine Medical Centre in Lewiston, Maine.