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Film in makes concerning Rutger Hauer
by Richard of the Crommert
AMSTERDAM - there seems new Rutger Hauer stood up. For the first time in its life the normally spoken this way medium-shy gives actor a look in the kitchen. Thus he has given authorisation for making a documentary concerning its work. Later that this year will see must be. Furthermore he is busy with a biography. Over three years that book must first see the light. I have wrestled years with what I would share with my public. There are an affair solicit which I want represent myself, but my professional life belongs publicly. Falls therefore there still what to communicate. But I want warn: there this way much gold does not hang to my career, hears. It is hard work.

Most the documentary catches the eye which is at present made concerning the largest for the that ounce country ever has produced. In sum Rutger Hauer in more than ninety played films. Documentairemaakster Simone freeze meanwhile two years are busy with the documentary. For Rutger Hauer it is a new world. "I hardly do to publicity", tell he. I work rather then I talk. Actual weet I lead hardly someone what kind of life. That is not explain also. There need you a camera for. Entirely naked for the will not give itself. It no film is suffered such as André Hazes six years concerning its life has let make. "but I will show particular things of my profession." It a lot has had feet in the ground before Rutger Hauer agreement went with the film. "the first contact was difficult", tells Simone freezes. He does not want really. I got mailtjes of him with the text: Hear ' no, there I do not start to '. It months have lasted before I met him. Meanwhile the prerecordings of the film have been well wound up almost. In the course of this month the documentary, with the work title fair, Blue Eyes, it will be assembled. "I have to say to nothing what comes if", the ASTRE of Turkish fruit, the rolprent does not implore which still the best visited Dutch film is ever. Year still this the documentary in the cinemas must being to see.


"of the most striking things that I have been possible see, its truck" is, tells Simone freezes. The characters DAF on, in the form of the logo of Blade runner there he has stuck. That was already special, but then I the cabin binnenstapte, had I hardens to laugh. That it had been entirely covered with ridderbehang... It a boy chamber seemed. I got a type Floris-idee... Also Rutger could not oppress a grijns then: ' that finds you certainly, however, nice ', sneered he me. The documentairemaakster could come also at the ASTRE at home. Friesland is its at home. The actor lives there in a small village in a huge house. Far from the way. With a very large hek. Except the documentary Rutger Hauer also work for a biography. I put together that with ghostwriter. If I 65 am, it must come book on the market. If you little is in the publicity, then falls there real still what to communicate. All are there an affair solicit which I mezelf hou and of which I find that other people have nothing there to experience. Concerning its 35 person whose birthday it is marriage Rutger will communicate little: My privé-leven find I heal very beautiful with friends and share knowledge. There nobody one flikker has to experience. More than where also the heart of Rutger Hauer lies at making films. To career planning he has however never done. Never. I have never thought of what I would want reach in the film world. I did not have an ultimate objective. Some what I want, is film to make. It me interests nothing or I apply do not deserve or. Incredible? That is then but this way. Career no, also my in the United States I on a sign table has never considered. When I erheen went, I thought, however,: perhaps am possible I there what works get. But that it would lead for that purpose.... Its American adventure started a role in 1981, then he got in the film Nighthawks, beside Sylvester Stallone. In the years afterwards impressive successes followed such as Blade runner, Ladyhawke and The Hitcher. In 1988, he won applied globe to its head role in the war drama Escape From Sobibor. It is natural it, however, this way that you look yourself open must for all possibilities which to come by. And of the chances which you encounter on your way, you must, however, the correct molars.

beast role

Having a scratch role frequently were which he played. "I am possible always, however, somewhere with a beast role correct", say for the. Still. Americans are deathly-frightened such play a role. They want make money. For this reason further they think much too much after concerning their image and want no having a scratch role play. I have with that absolutely no effort. With that loose attitude I have intact remained. And indicated nou honestly: art a bath of playing guy very tempting is really a lot of times than good guy more interesting. Of stoppers the actor does not think still long. Still Rutger Hauer busy with making films are. "but for a 62 person whose birthday it is lord there are not this way much interesting roles", sombert-ie. "I have already twisted the previous months two roles which were very interesting." Over two months counsellor in première goes on Tribeca-filmfestival in New York. Later this year come Tonight ate Noon of the worktables. To Rotterdam Rutger Hauer expired came weak special conduct discussions concerning masterclass that he want give to colleague scenario writers: not only for actors, but also for camera people, lichtspecialisten etc.. It does not become zomaar uurtje a particular lesson of a top actor: "it concerns the profession niche which carries with everyone with itself", tells for the. "there you can come along as a colleague something." Ten savage days in which with video cameras a film is made. Internet connections concerning very the world thereby will play an important role. Last week visited the actor/regisseur a couple time the location where he wants keep the masterclass: an old studio in the rotterdamse port. Rutger do not have to teach of a foreigner. To be parents instructed in former days already stage. For years I walk around with the idea spelenderwijs with colleagues what to do. What I want my profession herverkennen. There is that can nobody whom give this way with its heart by then scenario writers themselves. Film makes is very awful cooperatively and in that sense also inventive. You can much of each other put up really. Film makes do not learn you in schooltje. Really it is a passing through search. To each film applies that there, are many people who to the same work. That creates a particular solidarity. Intention is that Rutger Hauer in the third yielded of June a club inspiring people at each other have to keep the masterclass. There an international recruitment campaign comes. To participate will cost money. The vehicle becomes English. Rutger Hauer have been involved personally in the selection of the participants.


Suddenly the ASTRE changes of subject: "say", interrupts he with verleidelijke smile: You do not write nevertheless that I was for smoking during the interview? I three cigarettes have puffed. You have met me at a weak moment. If my woman rises, then she sends away a lawyer me and gets I a separation. That does not have I has. He sits needle me. In a e-mail joke I for this reason that I that of smoking leaves, but that I write or that the interview in Yab Yum took place. "that is a good idea", mailt Rutger a couple hour later. "thank you very much." A script is ready as a main point of the tiendaagse masterclass. I let do brio already the work. After those ten days must be a film from rolled there. There during all those days interaction must be with all kinds of scenario writers, spread concerning very the world. Those will assess what in Rotterdam is made. This way a constant progress must continue sit. All those film people at each other: that must produce, however, something originals.

If the idea starts, Dutch for the each year the group hopes collect brio at each other for masterclass. Easily it does not become. Because only restricted resources will be. We will have row with the oars which we have. It a gok is or it will succeed. I am very curious.

Anita Meyer: I do solicit rather in which I well ben"Net were as many little girls documentairemaakster Simone freeze in its young years amorously on Rutger Hauer. Why I does a documentary savage make? That comes in fact by an interview which I read with George Clooney, with which Rutger cooperated in Confessions or a Dangerous Mind. Clooney that told in that conversation work with Rutger difficult was. He thought: those Rutger do be just as fast work and leave then. But that was not this way. Rutger started talk correctly on the set much concerning the role. That fascinated me. Especially because we know this way little concerning that man. Then each small thing is actual already interesting. What have to hide does he? Or is it ordinary embarrassment? Its image is nevertheless stipulated by the roles which he plays. And that is frequently narrow types. But it is not seen afterwards he this way tough als-ie seems.


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