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This retro-futuristic adventure depicts a 1964 in which Hitler won the war and Joe Kennedy Sr. is U.S. president. Europe is known as Germania and opens its borders to American journalists, hoping to line up the U.S. as an ally against Russia. Set design and costumes very effectively create a potent and prosperous state, culled both from imagination and the history books. More downbeat and perhaps more effective than Robert Harris's chilling novel, Fatherland is brought to life by Rutger Hauer as an SS officer who stumbles onto eye-opening secrets. Miranda Richardson is the tough-cookie American caught up in a web of lies made all the more intriguing by a superb supporting cast. They hook up to solve a murder and uncover an atrocity dating back to World War II. Watch for a particularly nasty Jean Marsh in a supporting role; she steals every scene in which she appears. --Rochelle O'Gorman


Rutger Hauer in a fantastic story February 6, 2006
I thought this movie was excellent. The story was really interesting and kind of a "What If" movie as in "What if Germany had won WWII". Rutger Hauer is excellent as the lead character and SS police officer who is investigating a murder in Germania the country that exist now that Germany has defeated Europe in WWII. Joe Kennedy is the president of the United States and their is going to be a summit to end this "cold war". Eager to make peace with the U.S. because of the horrible on going war in on the Russian front, Germany is trying to tie up some embarrassing loose ends involving the unknown Holocaust that has been going on against the Jews.

This movie is just an intriguing and clever story with fine acting especially by Rutger Hauer who has only been better in Blade Runner but this is on par with that.