Rutger Hauer's Film Factory

FILMFACTORY 2007 from 24 January - 1 February


The Rutger Hauer Filmfactory Rotterdam Foundation presents an eight-day Masterclass led by Rutger Hauer: FILMFACTORY 2007. The Masterclass will be held from 24 January to 1 February 2007, which means it will coincide with next year's edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR, 24 January - 4 February 2007). During the Masterclass, seven short films will be made and premiered at the IFFR.

During this intensive eight-day Masterclass, actor and filmmaker Rutger Hauer will share his knowledge and experience with 36 ambitious film professionals from different parts of the world. The participants will be divided into six production crews of six people each. Each crew consists of a scriptwriter, director, D.o.P., producer, actor and editor. The crews will start from an existing script by The Hitcher scenarist Eric Red. In addition, each group will create a short film on the basis of a script of their own making. Central themes during the Masterclass are experimentation, reliance on instinct, a creative approach to the resources available, and the interplay between the filmmaker and his/her audience. In addition to Rutger Hauer, various other film professionals of national or international fame will be engaged to coach and advise the participants.

The Rutger Hauer Filmfactory Rotterdam foundation is an initiative of INHOLLAND University and was realised in cooperation with the Rotterdam Film Fund (RFF) and the Rotterdam Development Corporation (OBR).


Experience Rutger Hauer on 42 by 4 meters!

Rutger Hauer plays the leading role in a short film produced by CCCP, commissioned by The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Starting 2 December 2007 the film will be broadcasted every three hours daily on a 42 by 4 meter screen in the Media Experience in Hilversum, the Netherlands. The film was directed by Mattias Schut and Marc Pos.

Film Plot

2250 A.D.
After years of crossing the dry plains of what used to be the Netherlands, explorer Alexander Stuyvesant (Rutger Hauer) discovers the remains of the lost archive of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

Once inside the explorer is mesmerized by the historical footage he finds. Connecting himself to the archive's motherboard, Stuyvesant is presented with an overwhelming array of historic television moments, filling the world around him.

Eagerly navigating through the archive, Stuyvesant is taken into a highly emotional journey through the iconic moments of Dutch television history, showing him the fascinating range of human emotions in our time.


The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision looks after, and releases, 70 per cent of the Dutch audio-visual heritage. In total, around 700,000 hours of television, radio, music and film.

Unique in the Netherlands and also worldwide. Nowhere else in the world is a public facility like the Media Experience directly linked to the archives. The youthful history of audio-visual media demands a new form of experience, and Sound and Vision focus on this in their multimedia public facility - which is provided literally on top of the archives. The link to the archives means that Sound and Vision is up-to-date and different each day.

Sound and Vision most closely resembles a fantasy town, just waiting to be explored by the visitor. Whether you want to lose yourself in dreams in front of images of bygone times, to produce your own programme or to learn more about the relationship between power and the media: everything is possible.

Rutger donated his participation fee to his non-profit organization (the Rutger Hauer Starfish Association) that supports children and pregnant women affected by the HIV virus.



Rutger Hauer Film factory Rotterdam presents FILM FACTORY 2007: a unique and innovative Masterclass. Over the span of eight days, participants will bring a short film to life, guided through the process by internationally acclaimed and award-winning actor Rutger Hauer.
This winter, the 62-year old Dutch film star will share his expertise and knowledge of film-making with ambitious film professionals from all over the world.

It is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in a professional setting with aspects such as directing, cinematography, producing, screenwriting, editing, and casting, basically the entire process surrounding a film production.


The selected participants of FILM FACTORY 2007 will attend an intensive programme in which they will broaden their knowledge and experience by creating a short film.

This is not just a special lecture by a famous actor for an hour. ‘This is about one's professional knowledge,' Rutger explained. ‘What I want is to share my professional knowledge and experience with ambitious film professionals. And filmmakers are the only ones who can communicate that with all their heart and soul. Film making is extremely cooperative, and in that sense it's inventive, too. You can learn so much from each other. You can't learn it in the classroom. Basically, it's a never-ending quest. With every film there are a lot of people all working on the same thing and that creates a special sense of unity.'

These will be eight intense days, and everyone's full participation is crucial. Facing a number of limitations, the participants will be challenged to produce a plausible and realistic final result.

The class will use video cameras to shoot and produce a film over the course of the eight days. Internet contact around the entire world will play an important role. It will be an eight-day adventure, and creative solutions will ultimately deliver the best results. The official language is English.


FILMFACTORY 2007 will take place in January 2007 in and around the Lloydquarters in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

The Lloydquarters are located in and around what used to be the premises of a massive power plant on the banks of the river Maas. The area has been re-developed into a cluster of audio-visual, film industry and new media industry. In the area, known as the Lloydkwartier, a television studio can be found, surrounded by leading companies in the field of film, television & multimedia.



Our Experts The Master

Rutger Hauer will be in charge of FILM FACTORY 2007. Hauer's acting career spans 40 years, and also has a number of directing credits to his name in the international film industry. In short, he is an ‘expert extraordinaire'. Rutger Hauer intends to use FILM FACTORY 2007 to convey his legacy to a new generation of ambitious filmmakers.

FILM FACTORY 2007 serves to unite participating young talent with major players in the film industry who share their knowledge and experience during the Master class. It offers a behind the scenes look at film, with Rutger Hauer in the driver's seat as he takes the participants on a tour of his creative domain.

Rutger Hauer plans to use the rawness of filmmaking as his point of departure for FILM FACTORY 2007. A game involving the audience who you, the filmmaker, wish to tell a story. About experimenting with the language of film and the means you have at your disposal. The Master class examines these aspects using actual film set experience.

The Master class revolves around the following core values:

Working instinctively: (learning about) relying on intuition. Experience is having learned how to rely on intuition, which is actually the filmmaker's special talent.
Use what is available: on the set, nothing goes the way it is supposed to or how people want it to. It takes a lot of money to minimise this risk effectively, and generally speaking that kind of money is permanently in short supply when shooting a film. Therefore, the Master class will pay considerable attention to using everything that is available in order to achieve the best possible result.
Plausibility: Film is all about telling stories. As mentioned earlier, film is a game between the filmmaker and the audience. The game and the story must be plausible.