Helloween Decorations


If you are having a party for children or adults here are some ideas


Why not make a Haunted House

Make a haunted house as you would a gingerbread house only use Halloween candies and black and orange frosting to decorate it. Display the haunted house on a mantel or near the food table.


Here's an 'interesting' idea




Create spider webs in the house using white yarn or string.  You can fill up any empty corner with these cheap decorations or use a large web right at the entrance for added effect.


Garden Tombstones


Now I quite like these they would look really good out in your garden - both children and adults would love them !


Now I expect we all might have some packing, polystyrene/Styrofoam or it can be bought from craft and decoration supply stores.  You can use your imagination using a soldering iron or tools from a craft store a little paint etc and put them in the front or back garden or place them in various areas of the party.  You could even use thick cardboard or plywood.


Now together with some candles which should be placed in safe places - out of reach of little ones and of course silly larger people lol - can be very effective.  Cheap thin netting, made ragged can be placed over table cloths bunched up between plates to give an interesting  effect - a few bats and witches hanging around, little fairy lights draped around  - if you really want to add something extra some dry ice effects will finish the scene perfectly - just a few ideas to set the scene for a perfect Halloween Party - Have Fun !