Jungle Juice


DARREN FIELDS is about to be married when his bride-to-be, REBECCA, leaves him for an ex-boyfriend, SMITTY. Darren and his buddy R.J. use the honeymoon tickets and go to a Club Med type resort in the Virgin Islands. Arriving as Mr. And Mrs. Fields, the employees think they're gay. Darren is transfixed by ISABELLE, a resort employee, who's the girlfriend of the Hotel Manager, JEAN-LUC (RUTGER HAUER). Darren tries to talk to Isabelle but is interrupted by FELICIA (MORGAN FAIRCHILD), an aggressive woman who's in her fourth husband, TOM (ROBERT WAGNER). Felicia lures Darren back to her room and gives him an evening he won't forget. The next day, guests party and gulp Jungle Juice (a concoction of alcohol and fruit juice) and are ready for anything! The guests play the swimsuit exchange game and couples pair up. Darren and Isabelle put on a sexy dance show and he tries to tell her that he has fallen for someone, but Isabelle leaves before he can tell her that it's her. Meanwhile, Isabelle notices Jean-Luc exiting Felicia's bedroom.

The next day, Darren and R.J. discover that all the employees think they are gay. Jean-Luc offers Darren a job and he accepts to woo Isabelle. His buddy R.J. reluctantly stays on the island. Isabelle reacts badly to Darren's being a new Village Resident. And Darren discovers that village Residents aren't allow to sleep with each other, at least according to Jean-Luc!

Meanwhile Rebecca and her irate father, ROY (CHRISTOPHER WALKEN) arrive at the resort to track her down Darren. Roy confronts Darren who tries to explain that he no longer wants to marry his daughter. Roy doesn't really care about Darren and is easily distracted by a beautiful large breasted blonde. Rebecca flirts constantly, but Darren couldn't be less jealous. Darren summons the courage to ask Isabelle to leave with him, but she refuses. When the deejay takes ill, Darren takes over. He adds Isabelle's favorite love songs to the furious techno beat and Isabelle gives in to Darren's affections. A fight breaks out and Roy punches out Jean-Luc for hitting on his daughter, Rebecca. R.J. gets laid, finally. An epilogue shows R.J. back home marrying the girl he met at the resort. The best man and the maid-of-honor, well they are none other than Darren and Isabelle!

Directed Tony Vitale nominated for Best Picture, “Kiss Me Guido” release by Paramount.