2002 was the 20th anniversary of Blade Runner.  Rutger Hauer and his many 'helpers' went to a number of conventions. One of them was in England, at Milton Keynes, on the 21st September 2002. I was one of the many lucky fans who managed to see him and get his autograph. Rutger was there for three days, always with a smile and a kind word for his fans.


The Booth

The Staff for the Weekend

Rutger has arrived !

I actually saw Rutger sign this Sword, on the Sunday morning, at the convention

Blade Runner was shown here on the Sunday Evening

Rutger at the Questions and Answers session before the screening of Blade Runner

 I met him myself on the Sunday morning, and although not very good quality, (blame my Husband ! he took them) I have a few photos taken on the Sunday morning. All the proceeds from these conventions went to Rutger's charity for aids 'St*rfish' .