Mirror Wars - An Interview that Rutger Hauer gave in Russia in 2004


Rutger Hauer: "I Wish to Give a Masterclass in Russia!"
Lada Akimova | Mosfilm 8/19/04


 The well-known Hollywood actor, star of "Blade Runner", "The Hitcher", "Turbulence 3" and many others, has arrived in Moscow for several days, to play a small part of a man on a train,  in the picture "Mirror Wars: SU-XX" directed by Vasily Chiginsky which they are shooting at Mosfilm now. Rutger Hauer plays a villain again. His character appears on the screen for a short time, and you'll only find out whether he is good or bad in the end.

Q: Mr. Hauer, this is your first time in Russia.

A: However, I feel at home here.

Q: Do you know how many fans you have in Russia?

A: I don't know, but I think there are a lot of them. It seems that they know me primarily from VHS. So, the black market is very good for me (laughs).

Q: Are you acquainted with the work of Russian film directors?

A: Not really. I like the director who worked with Mastroianni.

Q: Nikita Mikhalkov.

A: Yes.

Q: You've worked at different studios in the world. What is your impression of Mosfilm?

A: Awful. (Laughs). In fact, the studio is magnificent. They told me that more than hundred films are being shot here right now. That is more than in America and that is very good. They are doing everything here on a professional level…the only thing that I was concerned about on the set was the microphone wasn't close enough. I am very concerned about the sound, because the sound should be good, and it seems to me, it was insufficient. You see the sound should be accurate and original. However, I did not see the microphone on such a long pole and it seemed that they did not hear me…

Q: Because you are an actor you have broken more than one woman's heart. I am interested in what kind of women do you like?

A: Only women over 85. (Laughs)

Q: Many people note the beauty of the Russian women.

A: But I don't know if they are Russian. Maybe they are simply tourists. I need to look at their passport to be sure that they are Russian. I hope you understand that I have a very good sense of humor and I try to keep a good sense of humor in relation to everything, firstly myself.

Q: In your opinion what is happiness?

A: Happiness is something that visits us now and then and for each of us it is something personal. It is very personal. Many people think for some reason that earning money gives you happiness. I sincerely feel pity for such people.

Q: Will you come to Russia again?

A: I like it here very much and I shall certainly come to Russia again if they invite me. If Moscow is ready to accept me, I would like to start working with Russian directors. I would like to give a masterclass and to create a film-making company with Russian film directors. I wish all of them could speak English. So that we could speak in one language, as in Europe.

Q: Does sign language help?

A: Yes it helps, but a film is a visual experience, so sign language is not enough.