Rutger Hauer want transfer filmkennis


Rutger Hauer, on a visit at the film festival in Rotterdam. Photograph Angelique of Woerkom

ROTTERDAM - although he are this month 62ste anniversary fourth, looks Rutger Hauer still complete vigorously.

Ruther Hauer, on a visit at the film festival in Rotterdam. Photograph Angelique of WoerkomMost known for the from the Netherlands has been asked still much in Hollywood, where he shone previous year in the megaproducties Sin city and Batman Begins. Indeed in bijrollen, but its share was memorably - certainly in Sin city where he geperverteerde played priest -.

, it has come not yet this way far that I for grootvader-rollen am asked, thus do not complain I, said the whole Hauer dressed in the black during its visit to the international film festival of Rotterdam. Three days Hauer have shown its face. He spoke that he coming summer on invitation of rotterdamse with journalists concerning the Masterclass fund for the film in the Schiecentrale will give.

It is the set-up of Hauer its impart students how they without even if too much rompslomp a film of the ground can get. , it is not my intention them pilotting into port Hollywood, says the actor. , because what is Hollywood exact? Nobody can give then a clear answer.

It is the second time that Hauer on rotterdamse festival its face late see. , I was here earlier in the years eighty with a short film which I have directed Lieshout with Erik van. That was a version of a tale of Mulisch: The chamber. It has not come since then of, especially by geographical problems. I sit for my work much abroad.

With current Dutch film culture Hauer have little tie. Question him to the recent successes such as the escalope paradise and he must remain it answer guilty. After its visit to the film festival Hauer leave to Cape Town, to start there to a new film. Of those productions a new version has been rather written effective, and has been directed by Frouke Fokkema. Also Hauer are busy with writing its autobiography. , it will lie just over a year or three in the shops.


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