Spoon Review


An NFVF funded film, Spoon, which has recently gained acclaim in local media circles wrapped up production this past weekend. Spoon is a Sci-Fi supernatural thriller through which the stortyline unveils the life of a 28 year old Daniel Spoon (played by Daniel Boyd). In the film, Daniel Spoon suffers from a medical condition which causes him to black out during moments of extreme stress and subsequently undergoes a journey to discover his destinity as a means to find out the cause of his medical condition.

The story behind the making of Spoon is remarkable. The film is an independent production, using local cast (over 90% of local cast) with local finance. The film uses specialized camera technology developed by co-director Simon Hansen and US based Silicone Imaging and Cineform.


Spoon is produced by Inspired Minority Pictures and Atomic VFX with financial support from the NFVF and Videovision. Other sponsors include Renault, Cell C, Moparks, LG, Brand Mitchells Printing, Malboro Clothing, Pureau Fresh Water, Duens Bread and Scooters pizza.

Practical special effects on the film were done by a special effects company MX Effects whilst visual effects are being done by Atomic VFX. Production on the film began in May this year and the final edit will be concluded by February 2007.

Co-producers and directors are Sharlto Copely and Simon Hansen with Amira Quinlan as Line producer. Executive producers are Anant Singh, Helena Spring, Hannelie Bekker, Sudhir Pragjee, and Sanjeev Singh.

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who has contributed towards the making this film. We would like to thank all our partners and sponsors for their support”, said Simon Hansen.

The Cast

The producers embarked on an open casting process in both Johannesburg and Cape Town and managed to fill in over a hundred featured parts and 78 speaking parts. The entire cast was supported by 400 extras.

The production also managed to cast of international actors such as Rutger Hauer (Dracula III: Legacy, Batman Begins (2005), The Poseidon Adventure), Darren Boyd (The Green Wing, Re Genesis, Jane Show) and Gerard Carey (Prey Alone, Zulu 9, Screwback).

Local actors include Jason Cope, Michael Dube, Shane Manie, Delvin Brown, Owen Meyer and Aletta Bezuidenhout.

Technical aspects

Hansen collaborated with US based company Silicon Imaging to create state of the art digital cameras which use standard 16mm film lenses. The cameras use a 2/3 inch image chip and provides a better picture quality than existing HD cameras. They capture 24 frames per second and capture more colour information than standard HD, allowing for more latitude during grading. The cameras record straight to hard drive which makes it easier to add special effects onto the picture and saves on film and tape costs.

Comments from Media

On 15 July, the NFVF together with the Atomic VFX invited media to the location of the film to witness the behind the scenes action and interact with cast, crew and key creatives. The location had a massive set with police vehicles, about 100 extras, stunt sequences and high –end action. Some of the journalists who attended the location had this to say about the making of the film:

Myolisi Gophe, The Cape Argus:

“Spoon is the first of its kind and its good to see independent productions in South Africa making head-way. Innovation is key in making these types of local films, the producers have definitely managed to bring a fresh perspective into the culture of filmmaking in South Africa”.

Yunus Kemp, The Star Tonight:

“The film will revolutionise the manner in which independent films are made. It is extremely important to note that the entire production was made with South African money, with a predominantly South African cast and crew”.

Kevin Kriedeman, The Callsheet:

“Simon and Sharlto are reinventing the way we make films. By shooting direct to disc and sidestepping expensive tape stock, they are pioneering a model that could have significant implications for our budget-conscious industry. Thanks to the NFVF for supporting Spoon and facilitating the set visit”.