Surviving the Game
By Christopher Null | Aug 25, 2005

To survive the game you first have to survive the movie, an update of The Most Dangerous Game only with a homeless guy being hunted for sport instead of a blue-blood. Too bad for the hunting party (helmed by Rutger Hauer in a golf cap), they picked the wrong guy to hunt: Ice-T in dreadlocks. The acting is atrocious: Watch for F. Murray Abraham's pained shriek when his son falls off a cliff. Oops, that's a spoiler.


Surviving the Game

1994 - USA - Action Thriller/Chase Movie
Reviewed by Janet Maslin

Type: Features
Rating: R (Not For Children)
Running Time: 96 minutes
Starring: F. Murray Abraham, Gary Busey, Charles S. Dutton, Rutger Hauer, Ice-T
Directed by: Ernest R. Dickerson


The Richard Connell short story, The Most Dangerous Game, has been adapted for the screen many times. In this updated version, the rapper-actor Ice-T plays Mason, a homeless man whose best friend and his dog both die on the same day. Cole (Charles S. Dutton, a relief worker, tells Mason that there's a job available that entails leading a hunting expedition in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. The desperate Mason signs on. The hunting party is led by two CIA agents, Burns (Rutger Hauer) and Hawkins (Gary Busey), and it includes a business executive, Wolfe, Sr. (F. Murray Abraham), his son (William McNamara), and a strange Texan, Griffin (John D. McGinley). Mason flies on ahead to prepare the hunting lodge, and there he discovers that he is to be the prey for the hunt, though the hunters at least give him a head start before pursuing. The violent action pits the high-tech hunters, armed with numerous fancy weapons and vehicles, against Mason -- who must rely on his street smarts to escape and turn the tables on the hunting party. ~ Michael Betzold, All Movie Guide