The Forum





Following the email that I sent to all members of the Forum.



As of 31st May 2008 the Forum will no longer be accessible.

Due to lack of use and the HUGE amount of Spam that it is generating I feel that the time and effort that I have been spending on it is no longer worth while.

I do not know if any of you have tried to reply to my email that I sent you, the email account that the Forum uses has been ‘Hijacked’ – I can no longer use it.

If any of you wish to comment on whether the Forum Stays open or agrees with me on its closure please reply in the Forum itself before the end of May.  If I have no replies I will go ahead and close it.

Thank you all for your support and contributions in the past.

The Website itself will obviously stay open – I have put too much time and work into making it what it is, to just close it.

As usual, all future updates, made to the website will be found on the page.

Thank you all, for you support over the years.

I do so hope that you will all continue to visit my Website and enjoy looking around.


A big "Thank You" from

 (Site Owner)