The Pathfinders (1969)



During World War II, the Pathfinder squadrons of RAF Bomber Command were the elite. All volunteers, their particularly dangerous task was to fly in advance of bombing raids over occupied Europe, later Nazi Germany, to 'light up' the target with flares and incendiaries...

Based on material supplied by surviving members of the force, Pathfinders is a gripping and highly realistic TV series. Tense and action-packed, this classic ITV series brilliantly evokes the combat experiences of Pathfinder crews and captures the atmosphere of life in a wartime bomber station.

Episodes Comprise:

1.Into The Fire
2.For Better, For Worse
3.The Fog
4.Fly There, Walk Back
5.Jonah Man
6.One Man's Bomber
7.Sitting Ducks
8..Codename Gomorrah
9.Sweets From A Stranger
10.Operation Pickpocket
12.In The Face Of The Enemy


Rutger was a supporting actor in the episode 'Sitting Ducks'