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"The movie is pretty open minded with sexuality, and showing whatever part of the body is natural since the fall of Eden is not anymore."

"That has happened to a lot of people in my movies, I think. I'll convince them that it is great and then they think it's great. But sometimes the personal repercussions, notably for example ELizabeth Berkeley in Showgirls, can be pretty devastating.

"I felt that American audiences sometimes had difficulty accepting this kind of anti-chronological order."

"And the P of course is for Parking and he's indicating that if we want to have sex then let's go park and do it there."

"The writer had made the character of Rutger Hauer much nicer than he is in the movie. My scriptwriter Gerad Soteman said it's not possible that the guy was so nice. We have to give him a shadowy side.'"

"The situation of the prick in the zipper is in the same direction of the scene in There's Something about Mary."

"This is one of the few stunts in the movie, and of course it took forever to find a couple of stuntmen in Holland who would do it."

"I feel that the cooperation with Jan was always extremely inspiring, although there was always a lot of antagonism and we had all our different approaches and we were fighting a lot but we loved each other and I think ultimately the films that we did together mostly Basic Instinct and Turkish Delight have a wonderful atmosphere and are really beautifully lit."

"Ultimately when the film came out and the acting of the two people blew all that criticism away."

"There is of course in the movie a gigantic amount of symbols."

"This theme of death and love is really I think the essence of the movie."

"Rutger, being an artist, has no problem in picking up her shit to check it out. Not a very American scene probably. I mean these kinds of closeups you rarely see in American movies. I mean you don't see them anymore in Dutch movies either after I left the country."

"If you do a special effects movie it's like running a marathon. These movies are more like a short sprint."

"The throwing up is used in a very Dutch way, by showing it as detailed as possible."

(Preceding quotes from the director's commentary on the Turkish Delight DVD)



Turkish Delight Facts and Trivia

aul left it vague as to whether Olga's change was a result of her personality or from the brain tumour.
Jan de Bont shaved his hair off at the same time as Monique to show his support for her (they fell in love during filming and were later married).

Paul felt that Rutger was his alter ego and always liked working with him.

The writer of the book was mad about the hospital sculpture scene. He thought it was ridiculous.

Rutger used a trampoline to jump over the bush in the baby carriage scene.

Paul was instructed by the production company to shoot close-ups of some products (like the condoms) so they could get money from those companies.

The movie was shot in 42 days.

Paul didn't storyboard the movie.

The sound for the entire movie is looped because the camera they were using made so much noise. Rutger was happy to loop the movie afterwards so that he could concentrate on his acting instead of his voice during filming.

The woman who was in the book turned out to be alive.

Turkish delight was an extremely successful book before it was a movie

Most successful movie of all time in Holland

Paul's father refused to see the movie because of the line "I fuck better than God."

Monique van der Ven was supposed to play a minor part, but Verhoeven liked her so much he gave her the lead.





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