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4th Feb '06 Dutch interview 'News' Page
23rd Feb '06 The Hunt for Eagle 1 Filmography
23rd Mar '06 Minotuar Filmography
23rd Mar '06 Minotuar Interviews/Reviews
11th June '06 Hitcher Remake 'News' Page
15th June '06 Changing Fortunes 'News' Page
15th June '06 Extra Bladerunner Trivia Movie Quotes
19th June '06 Goal II 'News' Page
21st June '06 Spoon Script Miscallaneous
21st June '06 25th Bladerunner Anniversary 'News' Page
21st June '06 Updates Page Welcome Page
21st June '06 New Banners to Website pages Numerous Pages
21st June'06 Music Video by Sonata Arctica for Bladerunner Links
22nd June '06 Bankers of Gold news article 'News' Page
22nd June '06 Mysteries Review Reviews
22nd June '06 Spoon Synopsis 'News' Page
22nd June '06 Bladerunner Interview Interviews
22nd June '06 Ladyhawke Interview Interviews
22nd June '06 New Minotaur Review Reviews
22nd June '06 Mentor Article 'News' Page
22nd June '06 Bleeders Review Reviews
22nd June '06 Warrior Angel Review Reviews
3rd July '06 7eventy5ive Filmography
3rd July '06 Changing Fortunes 'News' Page
3rd July '06 The Magic Flute 'News' Page
3rd July '06 The Magic Flute Filmography
3rd July '06 New Review Link Welcome Page
3rd July '06 New Interview Link Welcome Page
4th July '06 2nd The Magic Flute article 'News' Page
4th July '06 3rd The Magic Flute article 'News' Page
5th July '06 Moving McAllister Interviews
7th July '06 Philip K. Dick Article Miscallaneous
7th July '06 Split Second Review Reviews
7th July '06 4th The Magic Flute article 'News' Page
12th July '06 Arctic Blue Script Miscallaneous
12th July '06 Batman Begins Review Reviews
12th July '06 Batman Begins Sequel 'News' Page
12th July '06 Mentor Reviews Reviews
20th July '06 New Special Photos added Miscallaneous
22nd July '06 7eventy 5ive Synopsos Interviews
22nd July '06 Mentor Filmography
22nd July '06 Tonight at Noon Filmography
22nd July '06 Goal ! Filmography
22nd July '06 Spoon Filmography
22nd July '06 Voyage Reviews Reviews
22nd July '06 Hostile Waters Reviews Reviews
22nd July '06 Tactical Assault Reviews Reviews
22nd July '06 Chanel Solitaire Reviews Reviews
22nd July '06 Turbulence 3 Reviews Reviews
22nd July '06 Fatherland Reviews Reviews
22nd July '06 Omega Doom Reviews Reviews
22nd July '06 Mr Stitch Reviews Reviews
22nd July '06 Crossworlds Reviews Reviews
22nd July '06 Nostradamus Reviews Reviews
22nd July '06 Forbidden Choices Reviews Reviews
22nd July '06 Buffy The Vampire Slayer Reviews Reviews
26th July '06 Shadow of the Cobra Review Reviews
28th July '06 Rutger Trivia Miscallaneous
28th July '06 The Pathfinders Reviews
30th July '06 Blade Runner 2006 'News' Page
5th Aug '06 Horror Weekend Convention 'News' Page
10th Aug '06 Horror Weekend Convention - UPDATE 'News' Page
18th Aug '06 Blade Runner 2006 - UK Release Region 2 'News' Page
23rd Aug '06 Simon Magus Review Reviews
30th Aug '06 Film Festival 'News' Page
9th Sept '06 New Link Added - 'Sarah's Super Swim' Links
23rd Sept '06 New Photo added Special Photos
27th Sept '06 New Review for Simon Magus Reviews
27th Sept '06 Spoon Review Reviews
1st Oct '06 The Magic Flute 'News' Page
1st Oct '06 The Magic Flute Review Reviews
2nd Oct '06 'Artwork' for The Magic Flute Reviews
2nd Oct '06 'Artwork' for The Magic Flute 'News' Page
4th Oct '06 New Photo added Special Photos
6th Oct '06 Filmography page Updated Filmography
6th Oct '06 De Ontdekking Filmography
6th Oct '06 The Magic Flute Filmography
10th Oct '06 Interview with Rutger Hauer 'News' Page
11th Oct '06 Blade Runner Script Miscallaneous
11th Oct '06 'Fun Facts' Miscallaneous
23rd Oct '06 Halloween Link *          *         *
23rd Oct '06 Halloween Page *          *         *
24th Oct '06 Rutger's Birthday Countdown Page Countdown Page
24th Oct '06 Firework Page Firework Page
30th Oct '06 Blade Runner Review/Information Miscallaneous
30th Oct '06 Link for 'Fonts' used on this site Fonts
30th Oct '06 Christmas Countdown Page *          *         *
2nd Nov '06 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Reviews
4th Nov '06 Christmas 'Funnies'  *         *         *
7th Nov '06 More Christmas 'Funnies' *          *         *
11th Nov '06 New Rutger Hauer Photo Page Photos Page
18th Nov '06 Happy Thanksgiving Page *          *         *
23rd Nov '06 Malaga Festival Photo Page Malaga Festival
23rd Nov '06 Photos of film workshop Workshop
23rd Nov '06 New Mentor Review Reviews
23rd Nov '06 Artctic Blue Script Miscallaneous
24th Nov '06 New Turkish Delight Review Reviews
28th Nov '06 BR Directors Cut Review Reviews
4th Dec '06 Rutger Hauer's Film Factory 'News' Page


9th Jan '07 Mentor Synopsis Interviews
9th Jan '07 Tempesta Synopsis Interviews
9th Jan '07 Changing Fortunes Synopsis Interviews
9th Jan '07 Filmography page Updated Filmography
9th Jan '07 Tonight at Noon Synopsis Interviews
9th Jan '07 Jungle Juice Synopsis Interviews
9th Jan '07 Mariette in Ecstasy Filmography
9th Jan '07 Mariette in Ecstasy Synopsis Interviews
9th Jan '07 Mariette in Ecstasy Review Reviews
9th Jan '07 Knockin' on Heaven's Door Review Reviews
9th Jan '07 Changing Fortunes 'News' Page
11th Jan '07 Nostradamus Synopsis Interviews
11th Jan '07 Surviving the Game Synopsis Interviews
11th Jan '07 Beans Of Egypt Synopsis Interviews
11th Jan '07 On A Moonlit Night Synopsis Interviews
11th Jan '07 Legend of the Holly Drinker Review Reviews
11th Jan '07 Legend of the Holly Drinker Synopsis Interviews
16th Jan '07 Paul Verhoeven 'News' Page
16th Jan '07 Paul Verhoeven Interview Interviews
16th Jan '07 Connie Nielsen - Updated Co-Stars
16th Jan '07 The New Hitcher 'News' Page
22nd Jan '07 The New Hitcher Reviews 'News' Page
23rd Feb '07 The Rutger Hauer Book Page 'News' Page
6th Mar '07 The Paul Verhoeven Collection 'News' Page
6th Mar '07 Goal II Review Reviews
6th Mar '07 Philip K. Dick Article Miscallaneous
6th Mar '07 Easter Page *         *        *
11th Apr '07 Biography Page Update Biography
29thApr '07 Mirror Wars Update Mirror Wars
1st May '07 "All those Moments" Preview
10th May '07 Nighthawkes Review Reviews
10th May '07 "All those Moments" Interviews
19th May '07 A new "Goal II" Review Reviews
6th June '07 A new 'Link' to 7eventy five' Links
6th June '07 A new 'Link' to Blade Runner Links
8th June '07 A new Film 'Happiness Runs' 'News' Page
9th June '07 A new 'Link' Bladerunner Interview Links
18th June '07 Interview with Rutger Hauer Interviews
25th June '07 A new Blade Runner Page Blade Runner Page
13th July'07 Mirror Wars - New Description Filmography
13th July'07 Mirror Wars Reviews Reviews
16th July'07 Soldier of Orange Musical 'News' Page
16th July'07 Mirror Wars Interview with Rutger Interviews
16th July'07 Nighthawkes Review Reviews
19th July'07 'Link' to the Lurpack Butter Adds. Links
27th July'07 Blade Runner the Final Cut 'News' Page
1st Aug '07 Blade Runner Page Update Blade Runner Page
3rd Aug '07 Blindside Photo Page Blindside
8th Aug '07 'Link' for video clips Links
4th Sept '07 64th Annual Film Festival 'News' Page
4th Sept '07 Los Angeles Book Signing 'News' Page
5th Sept '07 Blade Runner the Final Cut Review Reviews
24th Sept '07 Flesh & Blood Synopsis Interviews
28th Sept '07 Interview with Ridley Scott Interviews
28th Sept '07 Paul Verhoeven Latest Project 'News' Page
1st Oct '07 Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema   'News' Page
10th Oct '07 Happy Halloween ! Halloween Page
10th Oct '07 Halloween Decorations Halloween Decorations 
10th Oct '07 Halloween Masks etc Halloween Masks etc
10th Oct '07 Origins of Halloween Origins of Halloween
17th Oct '07 A New Split Second Review Reviews
24th Oct '07 Origins of Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
24th Oct '07 Origins of Guy Fawkes Night Guy Fawkes Night
24th Oct '07 Thanksgiving Jokes Thanksgiving Jokes
24th Oct '07 Gunpowder Plot - Ightham Mote - Kent Gunpowder Plot
24th Oct '07 Firework Code Firework Code
24th Oct '07 Thanksgiving - Things to Make Things to Make
25th Oct '07 New Photos added Special Photos
26th Oct '07 Making of The Magic Flute Diaries 'News' Page
27th Oct '07 New Review - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reviews
31st Oct '07 The Santa Fe Film Festival 'News' Page
6th Nov '07 Photo added to Past Midnight review Page Reviews
17th Nov '07 Blade Runner - New Review Reviews
18th Nov '07 A Really Great Review for Blade Runner Reviews
3rd Dec '07 Christmas Facts Christmas Facts


9th Feb '08 7eventy 5ive 7eventy 5ive
20th Mar '08 Easter Page 2008 Easter Page
26th Mar '08 Dracula 3 Photo Page Photo Page
13th May '08 The Forum News Page Forum Page
25th May '08 New GUEST BOOK Page GUEST BOOK
25th May '08 New Information 'News' Page
29th June '08 Prince of Motor City 'News' Page
2nd July '08 Magic Flute Diaries - Updated Magic Flute Diaries
2nd July '08 7eventy 5ive - Updated 7eventy 5ive
8th July '08 Milan Film Festival 'News' Page
23rd Oct '08 Halloween Decorations Halloween Decorations
23rd Oct '08 Happy Halloween ! Halloween Page
23rd Oct '08 Halloween Masks etc Halloween Masks etc
23rd Oct '08 Origins of Halloween Origins of Halloween
23rd Oct '08 Vampire Page Page Vampire Page Page
28th Oct '08 Bride Flight Filmography
30th Oct '08 Happiness Runs Filmography
30th Oct '08 Happiness Runs Review Reviews
10th Nov '08 Moving McAllister Review Reviews
13th Nov '08 Bloodhounds of Broadway Review Reviews
13th Nov '08 Starting Over Filmography
13th Nov '08 Barbarossa Filmography
13th Nov '08 Tonight at Noon Filmography
13th Nov '08 The Hill and the Cross Filmography

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